Meet The Doctor

Hello! I’m Dr. Erin Donley

I'm a wife, mother of two young children, and board-certified pediatrician in Youngstown, Ohio where I’ve been practicing pediatrics for the last 10+ years.

I’ve spent the last decade delivering the best care possible for my patients and their families the best way I knew how - by building a relationship and connection with each person that walks through my door. You see, when it comes to caring for your child, I know that everything matters: everything from the trust you (or maybe more importantly, your children) have for your doctor, to being seen in a time and manner that works for your life. You shouldn’t have to choose between top-notch care and top-notch service. Medicine has gotten so far away from personal connection that we sometimes forget how crucial it is for the highest quality of care, for real health and healing. We’ve forgotten what it looks like to have a community in our parenting journey and to have a reliable go-to to help with the bumps along the way. The old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” is absolutely right. Your pediatrician can and should be part of that village.

I wanted to create a place where children can receive the healthcare they need and parents can receive the community and support that they desire…and where the whole family can be seen, known, and loved unconditionally.

That’s why I started Donley Pediatrics - because great care should feel great.

Donley Pediatrics takes modern, high-quality, evidence-based medicine and delivers it with old-fashioned, personalized service.

This is how our families deserve to be cared for.

This is how your family deserves to be cared for.

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850 E. Western Reserve Rd

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OH 44512

P: (330) 531-8006

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