Newborn Experience

The Donley Pediatrics Newborn Experience

Bringing a new little life into the world is such a big moment. After delivery, the fog of new parenthood sets in. The fatigue, overwhelm, and confusion about what to expect with a newborn are all incredibly common. Allow me to honor your special time by making it as low-stress & enjoyable as possible. The newborn experience offered at Donley Pediatrics is the result of years of caring for new babies and their families. 

Let me care for your new family with the time and attention you deserve.  All newborn care at Donley Pediatrics includes:

In home visits

The fourth trimester (first three months of baby’s life) can be exhausting and logistically challenging. To help ease this, I come to your home to see your baby for their first visit after leaving the hospital, their two week checkup, and their one month visit. Instead of having you load up your newborn, diaper bag, and car seat and then trek over to the doctor’s office, stay home. You can (hopefully) get a little extra sleep and avoid the hassle (and germs) of venturing out with your new little one. This can be especially helpful for breastfeeding parents. While breastfeeding may be natural, it definitely isn’t always easy! By doing in-home visits, I can help you learn to feed your baby where you’ll actually be feeding your baby: in the comfort of your own home (pillows and all!). Not to mention, there’s no need to worry about delaying your baby’s feeding or cutting it short in order to get to the office on time.

Text messaging

I am here to answer all your newborn questions: breastfeeding, hiccups, reflux, newborn rashes,  how to tell if your baby needs to be seen for a sick visit…you name it. I know that not every question requires a visit. As a member of Donley Pediatrics, you can text me any time (yes, even during that 2 am feeding so you don’t forget). During the day, you’ll get a message back promptly.  Texts sent overnight will be responded to the next day. It'll give you the reassurance you need for your new parenting adventure and save time with voicemails and delayed callbacks. (Please know that for more urgent matters, I am always just a phone call away, anytime, day or night.)

Hospital Visits

I love getting to know each of my patients and their parents from day one, so I come to the hospital each day to see newborns. This time is a great opportunity to make sure you know what to expect before going home, to get to ask all those “little” questions, and ensure that breastfeeding gets off to a good start. The continuity of care from the hospital to my office ensures that follow up happens in a timely manner and that no important information gets lost in the transition. 

Want to learn more? Schedule a free new baby meet & greet to talk with Dr. Donley about your new baby plans & concerns.

Why Your Newborn Experience Matters

You’ve prepared for and looked forward to delivery for so long! Once your little one arrives, everything shifts from “get ready” mode to “go” mode. The newborn period can be an exhilarating and exhausting time. There are so many things you cannot control when it comes to having a baby...but having a pediatrician that you know and trust lined up and waiting to receive you isn’t one of them! Knowing who your pediatrician is in advance and what the newborn experience will be like makes a big difference and can bring such peace of mind when the big day arrives.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free new baby meet & greet to talk with Dr. Donley about your new baby plans & concerns!

Quality Care in Your Home

Parents of newborns quickly realize the amount of gear required, time needed, and stress felt when taking their newborn out into the world. Working around feeding times, wardrobe changes, waiting rooms, and managing all of this on little to no sleep…it’s a lot.

The newborn period can be full of excitement, but it can also be exhausting. So, instead of having you come to the office, I come to your home. You can sleep in (as late as the tiny humans will let you!), leave the diaper bag unpacked, and let your (finally) sleeping bundle of joy to snooze a bit longer.I'll take the stress out of the visit by coming to your home to see you and your baby, answer your questions, and take care of everything just as we would at the office.

Why not just bring my baby to the office?

If you prefer, you are more than welcome to come into the office for newborn visits!

Many parents find it overwhelming to pack the diaper bag, get the baby fed, and get to the office on time. By coming to your home to see your baby, I hope to help alleviate at least some of the stress of the newborn period.

How much does it cost?

There's no additional fee for in-home newborn visits. Donley Pediatrics is based on a monthly membership model. Your membership fee covers newborn care, sick visits, check-ups, and vaccines. We don't take insurance but you can pay with your FSA, HSA, credit card or check.

What visits are included?

 When your baby is born, I will come to the hospital and see your baby each day. When you go home from the hospital, we'll schedule your newborn in-home visits which include:

• First newborn visit (1-2 days after hospital discharge)

• Two week check-up

-1 month check-up

-2 month check-up

In between these visits, I’m available for text messaging, telemedicine visits, and in-office visits at no charge. 

How do I sign up?

If you're ready to sign-up, please schedule a meet and greet so that we may discuss your plans and any questions you may have. You can book that (virtual or in person) free appointment here.

Please know that in order to ensure the best experience for all of my patients, I can only accommodate four new babies per month. If you are interested, please reach out sooner than later to reserve your spot!

Any distance restrictions?

I see patients throughout Youngstown and the surrounding area. If you live within ~20 minutes of the Donley Pediatrics office, I am happy to come to your home!

There are no distance restrictions for patients seen in the office.  I proudly care for families who live more than an hour away. If you are willing to come to the office, I’m more than happy to see you. I promise, it will be worth the drive!

Schedule a free new baby meet & greet to learn more!


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